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Meghan Guffee



Meghan grew up in Franklin and now lives in Fieldstone Farms  with her husband, Johnny, and their youngest daughter, Elise. Her mother is a retired WCS elementary teacher and her father has served our community for years, formerly as Alderman for  the City of Franklin, and now as Williamson County  Commissioner and Budget Committee Chairman. Meghan  attended both FSSD & Williamson County Schools and  received her B.A. from MTSU in 2005. Her career in employee  benefits insurance began soon after her graduation. Meghan's  stepdaughters, Piper and Ireland, both graduated from Franklin  High School. Meghan and her family are long-time members of  Franklin First United Methodist Church.

“She loves Williamson County and has a heart for service. She’s smart, dependable, and committed to serving her district in the  county”


- Commissioner Smith District 12 Williamson Herald 

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